Old medicine cabinet with razor blade slot

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Old houses with razor blade slots - YouTube Did you know, that old homes (and possibly some newer ones?), have slots in the medicine cabinet that are designed to take razor blades? Some homes even had the slot right in the tilework itself ... Remember when medicine cabinets had those little slots for ... I have a medicine cabinet in my kids bathroom that has the slot for used blades it was actually my wife that pointed it out to me the other day house was built in 1910 but I'm sure the medicine cabinet was from the 60's no idea if there are used razor blades in my wall Through the Looking-Glass With a Safety Razor - TIME In the back of old medicine cabinets, you may still see the little mail slot — blackened with rust at the edges — through which a man of another time would push a used razor blade, dropping it into a mysterious, never-seen depository, the graveyard of unkeen but still raggedly dangerous blades: a black hole.

Yes. When I first got married I asked my husband what that slot was for and he told me it was for disposing razor blades. I thought how funny that was, and how bad it might be for people who remodel or tear down houses. My home was built in the 1950's, and still has the original medicine cabinets, so there's a whole lot of blades in there!

razor blades / | Tumblr In days gone by it was common for there to be a small slot inside the bathroom medicine cabinet which was used to dispose of old razor blades. The disposal slot just opened up into the wall behind the cabinet and the razor blades would accumulate there over the years, out of sight, out of mind.

The folks who've responded with the info about the old style medicine cabinets with the slot in the back for disposal of old razor blades are correct, the rest of the answers are just conjecture by people who don't know, but felt the need to post some sort of answer. I've remodeled many older homes, and removed many of these cabinets.

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