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Since yesterdays patch the recruitment slots in my Woodelf campaign have been randomly going from 3 to 2. I start the campaign and i have 3, but if i move Orion to the capital or try to construct a building the recruit slots drop to 2. I went a few turns and it continues to fluctuate between them. I started a Norsca campaign next to test it. Medieval 2 Total War Recruitment Slots Medieval 2 Total War Recruitment Slots. medieval 2 total war recruitment slots Feb 22, 2009 There is another way of doing it. Go to your data folder and open the descr_campaign_db (I assume you already unpacked your M2:TW) file with notepad and change the recruitment_slots uint value to less than 1. Medieval 2 Total War Recruitment Slots - For Medieval II: Total War on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic .. Hi, since - other than in Rome:TW - there are no more txt files one could .. that and I get the feeling it is hardcoded, although recruitment slots aren't, ..Medieval 2 total war recruitment slots. Recruitment Slots !!!!! on Medieval 2: Total War PC ... Discussing Recruitment Slots !!!!! on Medieval 2: Total War PC message board and forum (page 1).

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0 turns units on Medieval 2: Total War PC Message Board Just copy the recruitment_slot 1 text and replace it with recruitment_slot 9. Do this for the others such as 2,3,4 etc. Much easier than manually changing everyone. Bad Diplomacy Fix? :: Total War: MEDIEVAL II - Definitive Apr 06, 2014 · Yes, but I don't like waiting around so long to recruit, it's just a bit to slow pace for my tastes, which is why I'm hoping to repair Medieval 2 Total War's vanilla game. It may well be easier to change Stainless Steel to give buildings more recuitment slots, that involves only changing one file. Diplomacy might require a lot more changes.

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Rome Total War 2 More Recruitment Slots planche a roulette electrique prix Rome Total War 2 More Recruitment Slots does quick strike blackjack work bellagio craps minimum Medieval 2: Total War Heaven: Mercenaries: Recruitment Zones ... Unofficial fan site for Medieval 2: Total War, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, guides, FAQ, campaigns, strategies, forums, discussions, information, scenarios, mods, patches,and downloads for the latest game in the Total War series. Changing recruitment recharge times in TA:TW mod - Medieval ... The first three numbers tell you about the recruitment pool. The first number is the initial pool, the second number is the replenish rate for the pool, and the third number is the max pool. So in this case, you start out with 1 unit in the pool, a unit is replenished every 2 and a half turns (1/0.4), and the maximum the pool can reach is 3 units.

Recruitment Slots !!!!! on Medieval 2: Total War PC

Modding Portal - TWC Wiki TW Engine 2 was used for Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War, there are similar tools and principles used in modding these games - the methods for changing the campaign map are almost identical and many text files such as export … England 英格蘭王國 Buildings 建築 - Medieval II Total War 中世紀2 wall_level 4 tower_level 1 gate_strength 2 free_upkeep bonus 6 happiness_bonus bonus 3 recruitment_slots 3 Manodicas Total War Games | Cavalry | Flanking Maneuver Manodicas Total War Games - Download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. dicas do jogo total war Empire - Total War Trainer + Cheats