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Lyrics Romaji Poker Face - Miss Monochrome (CV: Horie Yui)

Music clips of Miss Monochrome featuring completely new animation.1. Poker Face 2. 「?」 3. Watashi Dake no Monogatari 4. Never Ending Story 5. Black or White? 6. Step by Step! 7. One Week 8. Monochrome 9. Vanilla Salt 10. Coloring 11. Yahho! 12. Try Again 13. Kimi to Boku 14. White Xmas 15. Candy Parade Miss Monochrome – Poker Face | ...VOICE Miss Monochrome ED ヽ(≧∇≦)ノ Poker Face Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Kondou Keiichi Vocals: Miss Monochrome (CV: Horie Yui) I wonder what you're thinking about. I have no idea at all. What is the meaning of this hand that clutches mine? You always stay cool with that poker face on, And I just can't read… Lyrics Romaji Poker Face - Miss Monochrome (CV: Horie Yui) I watched Miss Monochrome because my kouhai told me so, and I love Miss Monochrome so much! She's really cute I'm gonna die /nosebleed/. Well, this romaji is made by me and I'm not good at kanji heheh. I was wrote what I read and heard tho. So if there's any mistake, don't mad at me X3 Poker Face (TV Size) - Miss Monochrome (CV: Horie Yui) · info ...

Play and download miss monochrome poker face lyrics mp3 songs from multiple sources at AioMp3.Poker Face - Miss Monochrome [Romanji Lyric].

Miss Monochrome -The Animation- ED Single – Poker Face. ✿Sarena-Chan✿ ...... Watch Miss Monochrome: The Animation 3 full episodes online English Sub. MISS MONOCHROME/Poker Face - YouTube MISS MONOCHROME is an original character, which Yui Horie created. Get her Debut Single Poker Face on iTunes. Check our Facebook and Twitter. Facebook ...

Her appearance and style has had a huge impact on Japanese fashion, even influencing countries in other parts of Asia. She is also an energetic performer, known for her intricate and flashy live shows.

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Music clips of Miss Monochrome featuring completely new animation. TOP. PROFILE. TV. ANIME. MOVIES. RADIO. APPS. VIP. Search. JOIN SIMKL. Loading... Hide ads with VIP : Miss Monochrome: Music Clips episode 1 Poker Face ... English only please. Home rules.

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